Tickets A-C will include the price of 1year membership as designated, food and beverages

A $125 – subscribing silver life membership, patron listing on DVD, reserved seating

B $ 75 – regular adult membership

C $30 – youth membership/without Crisis Magazine

D $20 remote access to forum via streaming of event



Bronze $200

Silver   $2,000

Gold     $5,000

**Sponsorships – Each ticket will include perks of “A” ticket holders in addition a 

Bronze Sponsor, Quarter page DVD ad, 1 ticket (Reserved Seating)

Silver Sponsor, Half page DVD ad, 10 tickets with or without memberships (a “Buyer Form” must be filled out completely for each membership requested.

Gold Sponsor, Full page DVD ad, 25 tickets, without memberships, plaque



Ads (Will be on DVD in print or video format, to be distributed to each attendee)

Must attach ad in digital form

Patron            $5

¼ Page            $25

½ Page            $50

Full Page         $100




Contact us at and/or call 773 429 9830